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Sounds crazy, but consider putting your top sales person in charge of ethics
I’ve never come across an insurance firm  that has put responsibility for the firm’s ethics programme into the hands of[...]
The debate on pricing autonomous vehicle policies has missed the point
How will autonomous vehicles affect personal motor premiums?  The debate has so far been based around risk, some saying consumers[...]
Where do you start your ethical decision making?
Let’s say you’re faced with a decision that has an ethical side to it. And you’ve decided this time round[...]
Is big data steering insurance towards a cliff or a superhighway?
It was great to see the panel I was on last week to debate the above question attract a full[...]

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Welcome to the Ethics and Insurance blog. Let me introduce myself...

I'm Duncan Minty and I've been an independent ethics consultant for 16 years and I specialise in the insurance market.

I worked in the insurance market for many years, becoming a Chartered member of the UK's Chartered Insurance Institute. 

Find out more about my work on LinkedIn, and feel free to connect with me too. 

I've been a guest speaker at numerous insurance conferences, including...

2016 Financial Times

Future of Insurance Conference

2015 GIRO conference

2016 MGAA conference

The 2016 insurance Conference

Duncan always provides insight of value and genuinely helps to move a debate forward

David Thomson 
former Director of Policy, CII

Feedback from insurance people on ethics courses I have written 

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"Engaging and thought provoking, with lots of practical, real life examples and exercises."

"Precise and very comprehensive"

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