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Insight and Challenge

For over six years, the blog at Ethics and Insurance has delivered weekly posts that provide insurance people with insight, guidance and challenge on the important and trending ethical issues for insurance. 

These are some of the most popular posts...

A checklist for conflicts of interest in insurance firms
It’s important that insurance firms take conflicts of interest seriously. Recent headlines have made this clear. So what should insurance firms check for when it comes to being better at conflicts of interest? Here are nine suggestions.
Every insurer needs to have a clear ethical vision
Leadership on ethics is important for building client trust and the growth that then delivers. And that leadership starts with a clear ethical vision. Here's how to craft one.
11 reasons why you should review your code of ethics
Codes of ethics are important. Yet they can sometimes lose their influence on how people work. Here are 11 pointers to your code being on a path to irrelevance.
9 ways to set a better personal example on ethics
One component of leadership on ethics is setting a personal example. Yet to work, leaders need to show a one that is strong, clear and consistent. Here's how they can.
How to think differently about Trust in Insurance
Trust worries insurance executives. Surveys find that a quarter of UK insurance CEOs are “extremely concerned” about it. This matters, for it directly affects growth.
Two simple ways to make a fair decision
In the midst of demanding situations, there will be times when we have to make a fair decision. Here are two techniques to make this as straightforward as possible.

About Ethics and Insurance

I'm Duncan Minty and I help insurance firms achieve greater certainty on ethical issues.

I set up 'Ethics and Insurance' to help insurance people around the world learn about what that involves and how to do the ethical things that can build trust in you and your firm. 

I've been an independent ethics consultant for 17 years and I specialise in the insurance market. I'm also qualified in the UK as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. So I know how the market works.


I've been a guest speaker at numerous insurance conferences, bringing insight and an ethical perspective to insurance audiences.

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If you're looking for an independent viewpoint that combines focus and foresight, find out more about the speaking engagements I offer and the outcomes you and your firm can achieve. 

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Boost your knowledge and skills in Ethics and Insurance, with four courses focused on the needs of insurance people.

Each of the four courses covers knowledge, skills, assignments and assessments. And they're full of case studies and ethical dilemmas too. 

My track record is second to none - I'm the author of the two online ethics courses used by the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Personal Finance Society.

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