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What insurance people must learn to make better decisions
Learning professionals need to pay attention to behavioural factors that influence the way we make decisions, in order to influence the ethical culture at their firm.
5 crippling beliefs that get in the way of people addressing ethics
I’ve come across a number of beliefs that get in the way of insurance people getting behind their firm’s push on ethics. Here's 5 of them.
What risks does big data pose for professionalism in insurance?
Big data is starting to transform insurance. It could also transform professionalism in insurance, in ways that present some pretty new risks. So what should professional bodies around the world look out for?
Can an insurer make too much profit?
Insurance is a risky business, so the idea of an insurer making too much profit seems a bit harsh. Yet some in Australia would disagree, where profit levels on compulsory motor insurance are being hotly debated.

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Welcome to the Ethics and Insurance blog. Let me introduce myself...

I'm Duncan Minty and I've been an independent ethics consultant for 16 years and I specialise in the insurance market.

I worked in the insurance market for many years, becoming a Chartered member of the UK's Chartered Insurance Institute. 

Find out more about my work on LinkedIn, and feel free to connect with me too. 

I've been a guest speaker at numerous insurance conferences, including...

2016 Financial Times

Future of Insurance Conference

2015 GIRO conference

2016 MGAA conference

The 2016 insurance Conference

European Computer, Privacy and Data Protection - 2017

The Insurance Institute of Ireland's Annual Ethics Lecture 2017



Duncan always provides insight of value and genuinely helps to move a debate forward

David Thomson 
former Director of Policy, CII

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