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...helping insurance firms achieve greater certainty on ethical issues...

Insight and Challenge

For ten years,  Ethics and Insurance has provided insurance people with insight, guidance and challenge on the important and trending ethical issues for the sector. These are the latest topics I've been looking at...

Thoughts on the Future of Insurance
Is personalisation the future of insurance? Only if it's shaped to delivery the fairness and trust that the public expect. My recent speech at the University of Bologna.
Why insurers need three lines of ethical expertise
Insurers who use the 'three lines of ethical expertise' approach will be better prepared to deal with the big issues coming over the horizon. This is not about defence, but about engagement.
Six ethical issues that insurers need to build into their plans for 2022
As insurers prepare their plans for 2022, here are six areas whose ethical side need to be paid close attention to. It will be an important year for making progress

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About Ethics and Insurance

I'm Duncan Minty and I help insurance firms achieve greater certainty on ethical issues.

I set up 'Ethics and Insurance' to help insurance people around the world learn about what that involves and how to do the ethical things that can build trust in you and your firm. I've been an independent ethics consultant for 20 years.

Chartered Insurance Practitioner

I specialise in the insurance market. I'm also qualified in the UK as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. So I know how the market works.

You can find me quoted in the Financial Times, Insurance Post, Insurance Age and Insurance Business, plus several academic papers. 

Duncan Minty

What others say of my work...

"His work has always provided insight of value and genuinely helps to move a particular debate forwards"

UK client

"The suggestion you make is one of those great ideas that is so simple you wonder why it's not something that more firms implement."

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"His approach was efficient and thorough, resulting in recommendations that were both cost effective and pragmatic."

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