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For over six years, the blog at Ethics and Insurance has delivered weekly posts that provide insurance people with insight, guidance and challenge on the key and trending ethical issues for insurance. 

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The drive to build trust in insurance must start here
We need to think differently about trust in insurance. Digitisation makes this more important, not less. Firms need to organise their thinking, and not just leave trust to chance. If there’s a new ‘trust story’ to be told, it’s insurers who need to write it, before someone else does in their place.
Personalisation – could it take insurance into a digital winter?
Insurance is being transformed not by data or analytics, but by personalisation. Yet personalisation has some inherent flaws, which I examine in this post. What we could end up with is a cauldron of disruption, fuelled not by innovation, but mistrust.
A Vital Step to being Good at Ethical Dilemmas
There are many ethical dilemmas in insurance. And they often make people angry, and suspicious and fearful, and many other things besides. Yet that emotional side is often overlooked. Being good at ethical dilemmas can often hinge on how those emotions are handled.
The Ethical Problems at the root of the Mohammed and John Quotations
Two UK insurers have been accused of charging people more for motor cover if their name was Mohammed, than if their name was John. It has been vehemently denied by people across the sector. Yet the story has attracted widespread attention. And it’s unlikely to be a one off either. Here's why.

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I'm Duncan Minty and I help insurance firms achieve greater certainty on ethical issues.

I set up 'Ethics and Insurance' to help insurance people around the world learn about what that involves and how to do the ethical things that can build trust in you and your firm. 

I've been an independent ethics consultant for 17 years and I specialise in the insurance market. I'm also qualified in the UK as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. So I know how the market works.


I've been a guest speaker at numerous insurance conferences, bringing insight and an ethical perspective to insurance audiences.

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