Four Ethics Courses for Insurance Professionals

This year could be a daunting one for some insurance people. Over the next 12 months, they’re going to have their integrity assessed. And if they fall short, their certification to practice in the sector could be affected.

The danger is that they just rely on ‘being a good person’. Which is great of course, but not enough. They will have to demonstrate both a knowledge of ethics, and the skills and confidence to put it to practical use in everyday decisions. It could be quite a tall order for some.

And in this first post of 2018, I’m going to break, just this once, from my usual style for the blog, and highlight a set of ethics courses that I’ve created to help insurance people strengthen key aspects of their ethical knowledge and skills. These ethics courses address four crucial components of what insurance people need to be good at.

The first is about the basics of ethics and insurance – this is all about getting the range and depth of why ethics and trust matter in insurance. The second looks at ethical decision making, and especially that crucial step of moving from thinking about the ethics of a decision, to doing something about it.

The third of the four ethics courses addresses a key concern of firms – the handling of ethical dilemmas. It dives into what often makes them complex and tricky to resolve, and sets out how to tackle them with ever increasing confidence.

And the fourth course looks at how senior insurance people can show real leadership on ethics. This crucial course examines the oft relied upon ‘personal example’ and supports it with a wide range of knowledge and skills to ‘do what it says on the tin’  – show leadership on ethics.

These courses have drawn on my many years of working both in the insurance market and as a consultant on ethics to it. I’ve written a great many lessons, case studies, ethical dilemmas and assessments for insurance clients over the years and that experience has been distilled into these four ethics courses.

You can find out more about these four ethics courses by going to the menu at the top of this webpage and clicking on ‘courses’. There you will be able to download details of each course.

So, end of this short promotion. It is a one-off, for next week, I will start on the first of a wide range of blog posts that I’ve got scheduled for the next three months. The insurance sector continues to throw up all sorts of ethical questions and challenges, and I hope that the posts I have planned, plus the many others that will spring up during the year, will provide you with plenty of insight, guidance and challenge.

About the Author Duncan Minty

Duncan is the founder of the Ethics and Insurance blog and the author of its many posts. He's a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, having worked 18 years in the UK market. As an adviser to many firms on ethics issues, as well as a regular conference speaker, he is one of the leading voices on ethics and insurance.

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