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I help insurance firms achieve greater certainty on ethical issues.

I set up this website to help insurance people around the world learn how to do the ethical things that can build the trust that customers have in you and your firm. Nine years and over 450 blog posts later, it's going as strong as ever, with subscribers across Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Everything you find here draws upon the 18 years I’ve been working as an independent ethics consultant. All those projects with insurers, brokers and professional bodies have fed into the range and depth of the topics I cover here . So all that insight, guidance and challenge comes from practical experience in the real world of insurance.

I’m a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, having worked in the market for 18 years, so I know what works and doesn't work for insurance people. And all the material you'll find here fits with what’s happening in insurance now, and what’s coming over the horizon, such as with data ethics. 

It's an exciting time just now to be in insurance, and I want you to get as much as you can out of the blog and this website, for your team, your firm and your career.

 Best regards, Duncan
Duncan Minty

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