I've been helping insurance firms with ethics and trust for over 16 years. Everyone from small mutuals to global composites. The result has been more firms having greater confidence on ethics, clear about what they should do and confident in how to achieve it. Here are some examples.

How to recognise and communicate what you’re already achieving on ethics

A variety of insurers and brokers have asked me to map out what they’re achieving so far on ethics and from this, create a narrative that resonates with key audiences.  The result is better reporting and greater confidence to go forward.

What to include? How much to aim for? 

While insurance people often have a good sense of what needs to be done, I compliment this with a more structured assessment that draws on the experience of having done it many times before. This external perspective helps ensure the right issues are tackled and to the extent that matters.

Are these ethical goals achievable?

Achieving ethical goals relies on the right support being harnessed and the hurdles removed. I often help firms to recognise what will influence success and the options for handling them. The result is a more confident effort, matched with more likely success.

Is your ethics training up to scratch?

Firms often rely on generic training material that fails to address their key issues or doesn't reflect their business . Several firms have had me carry out an assessment of their ethics training, to ensure it is balanced and relevant, with the right level of challenge.

They’ve taken the course - what have they learnt? 

I’ve created hundreds of questions, case studies and ethical dilemmas for clients, all based around particular insurance roles. These certainly test knowledge, but more importantly, they evidence how well skills are being applied.

Training that fits our business 

Too much ethics training is adapted to insurance, not built from insurance. I produce ethics courses that are grounded in the reality of today's underwriting, claims and broking. If you have functions or people who need specific training needs around ethics, I'm the person to speak to. 

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