Learn more about Ethics and Insurance

Four courses for the key stages...

  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Leadership on Ethics

Each course covers knowledge, skills, practicals and assessments

My track record is second to none...

I’m the author of online ethics courses for both the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Personal Finance Society. And I have written a huge number of case studies and ethical dilemmas tailored specifically to the needs of insurance people.

I've also presented lectures on these topics at the University of Leicester Business School, the University of Southampton Law School, the Institute of Technology, Sligo and Zurich University.

All of that experience has gone into these courses.

What students have said about my course material...

“Engaging and thought provoking with lots of practical, real life examples and exercises."

“Concise, relevant and a very useful refresher tool"

The Introduction to Ethics course

This introductory course addresses the three questions that insurance people raise most often - what do you mean by ethics, why does it matter and what is expected of me? This course takes the bits and pieces you all know and weaves them together into a coherent picture, firmly based around the insurance market.

This course is ideal for new recruits, apprentices, graduate trainees and as an open access course for all other staff. 

The Ethical Decision Making course

This course takes a close look at how to take that vital step from thinking about the ethics of a decision, to actually bringing ethics into more of the decisions we make at work. So this is a great course for those wanting to take their first steps in ethical decision making, and for those who want to make sure that they make a more ethical decision next time round. 

This course is ideal for team leaders, supervisors and as a part of your management training programme. 

The Ethical Dilemmas course

Ethical dilemmas are the crucible in which your confidence at handling ethical issues is put to the test. Some ethical dilemmas are relatively straightforward, but others can be complex and controversial. This course equips you to handle all types and comes with plenty of examples for you to test out what you have learnt.   

This course is ideal for both supervisors and recently appointed  managers.  

The Leadership on Ethics course

The emphasis now being given to executives showing leadership on ethics has resulted in questions such as "what should I focus on?" and "how do I go beyond my own personal example?". This course covers these and many other questions, by building a strong background knowledge of ethical leadership and then moving on to cover its core skills. 

This course is ideal for experienced managers and senior executives. 

Testimonials from clients and students of the courses I've written...

“A very interesting and practical course, that gives much to consider about how we operate ethically in our industry.” 

“Precise and very comprehensive” 

“Interesting, practical and helpful. I'd recommend this to any practitioner.”