Supervisory Technologies in Insurance

Supervisory technologies involve the use of data and analytics by regulatory authorities as part of their supervision of regulated firms. It's often referred to as 'SupTech'.

The implications of supervisory technologies for insurance are immense. They enable regulators to...

  • gather granular data about products, prices and the decisions that shape them
  • track patterns in insurer outputs and compare them with consumer outcomes. 
  • analyse that data in real time for signs of misconduct 
  • predict misconduct situations as they start to emerge 
  • move from annual and occasional checks to real time monitoring 

Insurers often are surprised by the advent of Supervisory Technologies. Their experience of the regulator is often more prosaic. Yet they know that the regulator is asking them for more data, more often. SupTech is why.

Consider why regulators are forging ahead with SupTech. Their political masters do not want a repeat of the 'sifting through the debris' situation that regulators found themselves in after the 2008 financial crisis.

Quote | 2019

We have the resources and expertise to pick inside those insurance models.”

The words of Chris Woolard, interim CEO of the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, during hearings on insurance pricing before the Treasury Committee, in February 2019.  


The UK's Financial Conduct Authority has been using SupTech to...

  • identify networks of potentially collusive behaviour;
  • predict the probability and location of an adviser mis-selling financial products;
  • to identify potentially misleading advertisements


Why SupTech will Revolutionise Insurance

This article above gives you a good overview of how influential SupTech could be for insurance markets, and the article below updates you on recent developments. 

Get Ready for the Regulatory Revolution

Quote | 2018

SupTech could have significant organisational impact and may raise unchartered legal and ethical issues

Financial Stability Institute report : "Innovative Technology in Financial Supervision"


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