Trust in Digital Insurance

Trust in digital insurance is vital for the successful transformation of the market. To achieve that success, the transformation needs to be built upon four components:

  • a strong and sustained track record on data ethics 
  • a thoroughly customer-centric digital strategy
  • the core components of trustworthiness 
  • digital partnerships that are shaped around the above three points. 


Many insurers frame their digital strategy around getting closer and closer to the customer. From this, they assume all sorts of good things will emerge, such as engagement, acquisition and revenue. Will it though?

Getting closer and closer to the customer is what I call the proximity model. Yet to many of us, proximity often feels rather disturbing, and we react by becoming wary, looking for ways to disengage. Not a great basis for a transformational change, let alone a customer centric business.

I suggest that you instead think in terms of what I call the intimacy model. Instead of you the insurer doing things to get closer and closer to the customer, consider doing things that make the customer want to get closer and closer to you the insurer.

The difference between the proximity model and the intimacy model is trust. The former will struggle to attain it, while the latter puts it at the centre of all things digital. 

Research  |  30 min read

This independent survey, published in 2020, contains some key findings relating to data, insurance and trust. 


For a good overview of trust in digital insurance, read this...  8 Ways in which a Digital Strategy can build Trust in an Insurer

Learn  |  10 min video

People often think of trust the wrong way round. Onora O'Neill, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge explains why, in this 2013 Ted Talk.  

Article | 2 min read

A Framework for Trust and Growth in a Digital Insurance Market 

In this article, I bring together a survey of insurance executive concerns about digital markets, and academic research into data ethics.   


My work with insurers on trust in digital insurance is orientated around a particular data ethics framework. You can download the framework (no email required) below...


I'm aware of research by a leading insurer into where competitive advantage could lie, given that at some point AI will cease to be enough of a differentiator. Their conclusion was that it would lie in the trust that customers had in a firm. As a result, they're configuring their AI around trust, and not treating it as an add-on.  

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Research  |  2017

72% of insurance CEOs think it is harder to sustain trust in a digitised market. And 28% of insurance CEOs are “extremely concerned” that trust will affect their firm’s growth.