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I've written a variety of papers for organisations across the insurance sector. Here are some of the more influential ones, in which I explore the ethical issues associated with key developments in insurance. Click on the image to go to the host organisation's download page. 

Digital Panopticon and the new power of data

Just as insurers are adopting data and analytics in a big way, so is the regulator. In this 2015 paper for the Chartered Insurance Institute, I explore the idea of supervisory technology through the model of Bentham's Panopticon. 

Pricing is a key issue for insurers in relation to data ethics, and in this 2016 paper for the CII, I explore the origins and implications of price optimisation.

Big Data Conversation

The ethical issues associated with data and analytics can be complicated. In this 2015 paper for the CII, I create a conversation between the public and the sector on the implications of big data for consumers and the cover they seek

Ethical Culture - the challenge for insurance marketeers - 2016

Insurance marketing is changing rapidly, and some of the ethical issues associated with those changes are significant. This paper for the CII maps out the ethical landscape for marketeers.

Ethical Culture - Speaking up

Your firm's ethical culture relies on an effective speaking up framework. This 2017 paper for the CII guides insurance people in how to approach whistleblowing, and what to expect from their firm in return. 

Claims - the beginning of a new era

Claims operations are now more complex than ever before. And this raises some important ethical issues. This 2016 paper for the CII explores several of them.